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Welcome to my review section: a few words about my choices and review policy.
I buy most of the gear you'll see here with my own hard earned cash, sometimes companies have been kind enough to give me things for review (and when they do I'll always tell you so in the review). I tend to buy high-end gear as it's actually cheaper to buy one great thing [often second hand] than to buy cheap sub-standard equipment that has to be replaced. I really like gear from small companies where the designers are still using and developing the gear themselves, and that make their stuff in small production runs in the US or Europe. I love bargains and most of all I love great gear built to last several lifetimes.
Most reviews start with 'Unboxing' where I tell you about the reasons why I chose the item, followed up by 'Field Reports' which are about how well the gear lived up to my expectations and survived the tough use I put my stuff through. As ever thanks for reading and please email me or leave a comment if you think there's anything I should be reviewing, have missed out,  you bought one yourself or passed on something I bought and have something to add to the conversation. 
If you have gear you want to swap or sell Defiantly get in touch - there are always things I 'need'
Your pal SBW.

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