Thursday, 11 December 2008

And Modest Too!

6.5x55 on the left and .243 on the right
For any of you who weren't in the Kentish Town region of north London on Saturday, and so haven't been told [boasted to] personally. I would like to draw you attention to the paperwork pictured above. Having not touched a rifle in just under three years i was delighted to print these two out.

On the left i was firing a moderated 6.5x55 and on the right an un-moderated .243, the 'Swedish' belonged to Ian Spicer the Yoda of rifle shooting and the .243 was a Tikka that belongs to the West London Shooting School.

In case you were wondering about the errant third hole on the target, i would like to refer you to rule of the National Small-bore Rifle Association's competition rules.

When a card has on it fewer shot holes than the number specified in the competition, the shots deficient shall be deemed misses, unless the Range Officer and/or a witness certifies that the shot or shots have been placed in error on the card of another competitor. In which case the shooter who has fired on the wrong cards shall receive a hit or hits of the lowest value from the target with the extra shot or shots upon it,(subject to Rule less two points penalty for each shot he placed on the wrong card. The shooter whose card has on it the extra shot or shots shall receive the full value of the remaining shots on his card.

At my party i told Johna (amongst others) about the afternoons fun and showed him the excellent hat the WLSS gave me. "Really! They had one that big in stock?"

Your Pal
Suburban 'sniper' Bushwacker