Thursday, 8 July 2010

Old School Kit: The Acme Thunderer

I must have had this whistle for over twenty years, a lad I used to know brought it home one day, having had a near miss with an absentminded pedestrian whilst cycle-dispatching. He gave it to me, and in the intervening years I've made quite a few people jump out of their skins with it. Really it is 'double bastard' loud. Solid brass with thick plating and a cork 'pea' ball. Which, while we're passing: travels as just over 800 meters per hour - who knew?

"There is no whistle available today, from any source, that doesn’t owe its existence to a concept or design pioneered by Acme. The Acme Thunderer alone had sold over 200 million"

It doesn't get anymore old school than that. As our friend The Bambi Basher said "everyone should have an Acme Thunderer"

Cuckoo, Crow, Jay & Magpie, Duck, Quail, Curlew and Predator calls also available

Catch you soon
Your pal