Friday, 10 February 2012

Knife Review: Camillus VG10 Sailors Knife

 What the world needs now: An affordable VG10 pocket knife

Occasionally fate smiles upon me and in a welcome break from those clowns who write to me offering the 'opportunity' to post their naff videos and receive 0.4c a view, someone drops me a line with news of something that I'd actually like and that may be of interest to you dear reader. 

Back from the jaws of bankruptcy one of americas oldest knife brands Camilllus Knives has risen from the ashes with a great offering. Knives in VG10 [one of the super steels], for decidedly un-super prices. Most excellent!

I've got a couple of blades in VG10, the Fallkniven F1 and the Spyderco Urban, both hold a wicked edge long after the generic steels would need to be sharpened. Although they come at a considerable price premium: available in the US for around $100 and here in old blighty - a shocking £100 for the Urban and even more for the F1.

Looking over the Camillus range the model that jumped off the page for me is their interpretation of the Sailors Knife, I had a couple of these as a kid, but they weren't nearly as smart as this version. There's the classic 'sheep foot' blade and a marlin spike for undoing knots [and getting boy scouts out of horses hooves], but instead of generic steel and stainless steel scales this one comes in VG10 with G10 scales, and here's the good news, while the list price is only $60 I've found them at Wally World for $40!
 The knife is a 'liner lock' and lock-up is rock solid.
The lanyard loop also acts as a lock for the marlin spike 

Fit and finish are up there with the Urban but at 40% of the price. While the lanyard loop isn't the best piece of design I've ever seen, the rest of the knife really is very very well thought out and executed. In fairness the lock-up of the marlin spike is so firm that the loop needs to be the size it is to exert enough pressure to release the spikes lock.

Sometimes an outfit comes along that just offers a product that's right; meets and exceeds the competition and offers it at a price that makes it a no-brainer. I predict great things for the new Camillus Knife Co.

Thanks Guys

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