Monday, 27 July 2009

Cree hunters of the Mistassini

I just watched this amazing film and thought you might like it too.It was made in by Boyce Richardson (who was being naomi klein before naomi klein was born) and is an amazing body of work. In 1974 he travels to meet the Cree hunters of the Mistassini, who he describes as " the last coherent hunting culture in North America".

"For thousands of years, the Cree Indians of James Bay inhabited the northern Quebec forests - originally gathering wild rice, and later hunting, fishing, and trapping. Traditionally, small groups of families spent the winter months together in the bush, subsisting on moose, beaver, deer, wild geese and caribou. In 1973 a film crew joined three families in their annual move to the north. In this film we come to know the Blacksmiths, the Jollys, and the Voyageurs: building a one-room lodge floored with pine boughs, hunting, trapping, preparing food and skins, and living together in the bush."
The you tube clip gives you a taste of it and you can watch the whole thing here.

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