Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pack It In: Well-Travelled Becomes Clapped-Out

You know how it is: an old friend, been around a long time, starred in more than a few tales, been a faithful companion, I thought we’d roll on forever. But there comes a day when the gap between old's-cool and clapped-out suddenly closes. When even The Northern Monkey laughs at your kit you know you’ve sunk to a new low.

TNM: That’s your rucksack! Sheesh I thought you’d have a better one than that!
SBW: What do you mean? [Indignantly] It was state of the art when I got it
TNM: When exactly was that?
SBW: When I was fourteen
TNM: [begrudgingly] I suppose that’s not bad value
SBW: Hell yes! I’ve dated women younger than my rucksack
TNM: I bet you’ve been looking for another one.
SBW: I was but….
TNM: A rucksack
SBW: That would be Kifaru


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