Sunday, 2 March 2014

SBW's Hunting Blind Competition

The lovely people at Rod & Rifle Whiskey have flashed up a hunting blind from TrueTimber for a giveaway, so I thought we'd have a competition - just this time with an actual prize as opposed to 'solid gold bushwhacker points' which fluctuate in value more than bitcoins and are like their issuer, irredeemable.

Rod & Rifle make several Bourbons and whiskey's some of which are currently in rigorous testing at the Oklahoma branch office of this blog.

So on with the competition.

The clue:
The real tennis champion, stout by todays standards, who drained the stews and stripped their owners, sometimes literally. 

The question:
Who owned this glove and hood?

Answers in the comment section, which I'll post when a winner is drawn from the hat.