Sunday, 10 August 2008

Pot Hunting And More Bushman Bargains

While I was looking at the American Bushman's gear sale I noticed that he has these light my fire meal kits WAY CHEAP. I've never seen them for less than £15 ($30) so I was delighted to see that he has them for $10 (i.e £5) The last time I bought a Spork on it's own it was £2.50. I've wanted a set for a while now, but because I really need to by four sets - one for each of us, I'd always found something else to spend the £60 ($120) on. The way the postage worked out I could buy that knife and ship two sets of these for free. Silly not to I told myself.

Now let the justification begin!
  1. What a handy set up - bowl and plate, cup with a lid , another bowl-cup-tub thingy, a chopping board/strainer and a spork to eat it all with.
  2. I could use them to take a packed lunch instead of going to the curry hut - nutrition,weight loss, cost saving. All good things.
  3. Mrs SBW could use them for her lunch too.
  4. They would be handy for family days out -picnics and educational trips
  5. They were a bargain
  6. They last a long time.
  7. They pack up neatly, much less fuss than what we use at the moment.
  8. Joachim Nordwall has done such a good job - they really are a great piece of design
  9. Have you seen the price of Sporks?
  10. Did I mention that they float?
I'll do a full review on arrival
Thanks for reading