Thursday, 17 December 2009

Oh Oh Seven

As you know i grew up in Blighty and therefore have the compulsory fascination with James Bond. I guess every English schoolboy grows up watching 007 and dreams of having more than his fair share of cool intelligence, lethal aggression, sexual magnetism and badass gadgets. Especially ones you have to assemble, with each piece making a satisfying click as it joins the last.

So I was amused to find this; while surfing t'web I was checking out TAD Gear when i stumbled across this ...err... toy?

I'm far from convinced that it would have any value afield, but it does look like a lot of fun. Made by father and son knife makers Pat & Wes Crawford it comes in 9 parts that can be changed around to make: A hiking staff, a walking stick ( no, i don't know what the difference is either) a baton, a blow gun (I can hear the 007 music now) a knife, and a lance.
Even at a STEEP $259.89 they've apparently sold out of them! Have a look.

For those of you of a more literary bent, here's all the ammo you need to sneer at us overgrown school boys, seduced Fleming's world of 'gadgets,sex, snobbery and sadism'.

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