Sunday, 8 February 2009

S'now Its time For Archery

Snow had closed my course down for two days. so we had an afternoon free. we put the time to good use. Archery! Posture,upper body strength, breathing, aim, release and the bow all need some work.
The Northern Monkey had scouted out some land and on the walk in we found a dumped black plastic air vent. Target!
TNM shot ever tighter groups, while I couldn't even manage a loose association.
Luckily a sudden fart of wind was sent by the coyote god, and one of my arrows smashed the target!

TNM retorted with a 'tree splitter'.But still NIL POINT!
Showing another great example of th sheer dumb luck that has sustained me so far, another field point juddered home. Here you see me explaining to The Northern Monkey the traditional 'salute' used to remind the french that our archery skills are superior to theirs.
The bow is way too big for me,[I cant remember my draw from my days at the archery class'].
It's much more TNM's size so I shan't morn leaving it with him. After all, he needs the practice!!

Keep Warm