Sunday, 21 October 2007

Coast, Post, Bed.

Well I made it to the coast to see my mate Jonah off. Few tribulations but i got there in the end!

Little S, (well now not so ‘little S’ anymore , in fact she’s now all grown up ‘Miss S About Town’) came to my rescue and looked after the little guys for the night.
Jonah’s party was a lot of fun and I got to catch up with Cousin L and Mrs L who also live there. Hastings is a kind of land that time forgot, a decaying seaside town with the worst rail and road links in the south east of England. As the crow flies you’re only sixty miles from London but it can take two hours or more to drive there and the trains are appalling, the ‘fast one’ is an hour and a half and for the slow one you have to book a week off work and notify your next of kin.

After a night on the tiles myself and Sir Hiss fortified ourselves with a breakfast of Whelks and bacon sarnies (sandwiches) and drove back to town in Sir Hiss’ Prius.
Nice motor if you’ve not had a ride in one, worth checking it out, lacks the romance of a truck, but for the city they are the future.

The first archery lesson went well.
OK none on the A5 piece of paper, but none off the straw either!

If you’re interested in lightweight camping, tarp life or building your own shelter Mungo has been trolling trough the Equipped to Survive site and picked out the most promising designs. I get the feeling a little bushcraft origami is on the agenda for tomorrow.

I’ve added Life Uncomplicated to my blog roll, if you like the sort of stuff I write about you’ll probably like him too.

Thanks for reading
I’m off to bed like a bushwacker with a sore head