Friday, 23 March 2012

Hunting Shows: David Petzal AKA Spokesfart Speaks

You might not know this, but I'm a big big fan of David E Petzal's writing, sure I pissed myself laughing when he endorsed Sarah Palin on the somewhat spurious grounds that he believed her to be a hunter and gun owner, but there are very few writers who have such an assured touch or speak so directly to their audience. I cant imagine him thinking I'm anything other than an annoying European smart arse, but he wouldn't be the first rightwing gun nut that I'd found to be great company. I'd dearly like to spend some time with him turning over stones looking for common ground and learning about riflery from the last of the old school of American gun writers.

This week he posted his thoughts on Hunting Shows

Third, and most important: Invariably, when someone kills something, there follow high-fives, hog calls, whoops of joy, and general all-around merriment.
To the hunter, I say: All you did, numbnuts, was pull the trigger. Without your guide, you’d be sitting in the blind scratching yourself. Why are you acting like a hero? Also, you’ve just taken the life of something that wanted to live as much as you do. Congratulations are in order, maybe, but show a little respect. Other cultures manage it; I’ve seen them.

You can read the rest of 'What Cheeses Me Off about TV Hunting Shows' HERE

Good call Dave

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