Thursday, 27 June 2013

Review: Lifeproof iPhone 4s Case

Lifeproof - even when life is Plumbing and Fishing

After the near miss of last summer's surprise swimming while fly-fishing the Usk I resolved to get a waterproof case for my phone. The choice available was hardy inspiring, so like so many projects it ended up on the back burner, with the phone traveling around in an old sock, keeps the rubble out but hardly waterproof. As chance would have it the case got a real life test on the first day, when I dumped a couple of litres of water onto my lap. No problem.

I got mine by chancing my arm and asking a PR company for one, BoB (Brother of Bushwacker) bought his for cash before leaving New Zealand, he was gutted to see that 'Ah that's where it is! Orange' was a colour choice, he has subtler grey edition. For people who like looking for things put down not five minutes ago there are a couple of 'tactical' colour schemes too. They look pretty cool but I've lost enough stuff already so its 'Ah ha! Orange' for me every time.

The design is well thought out, that lump at the top of the picture is a spare screw-in seal for the headphone port - sort of thing I'd lose on the first day so much appreciated.

Proper cases for smart phones are defiantly an idea whose time has come, everywhere I've taken it the case has started conversations about its design and practicality, The Littlest Bushwacker and I met a fella on the train who was pretty dissatisfied with his case, it had survived a few drops, and a nerve-wracking dip in a swimming pool, but only by the grace of god.

I was heartened to see that Lifeproof pass that most important of 'proper company' tests - they sell spare parts! And a rather cool floating case too.

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