Sunday, 2 August 2009

Happiness Delivered By Spork

"PINK! You did buy the one that I did want"
TLB (The Littlest Bushwacker)

It's been a while since the inital 'un-boxing' The Light My Fire meal set has been with us for a while now, and I'm still very happy with them, (not quite as delighted as the pink sets owner though) so i thought I'd revist the LMF lunch boxes.

While I was living in Leeds I used the set and a microwave for all my hotel cooking, and have to report how handy it was to have the chopping board/colander. If the set has a downside it's that the main bowl it only really suitable for transporting dry foods, any sauce has to travel in the smaller tub which really is leakproof.

Keep well

PS If you're thinking of having kids, and are the kind of person who likes things 'just so' bear this in mind:
The 'I am 3' T shirt we'd hoped to turn into a duster couldn't be thrown away and had to be customized into an 'I am 4' T shirt. Such is suburban life.