Saturday, 25 July 2009

I want One - A Not So Occasional Series Pt12

MYTH: Thousand-dollar binoculars are a waste of money.

TRUTH: I can’t tell you how many guides I’ve met who owned the clothes on their back, a pickup truck, and a pair of thousand-dollar binoculars. There’s a reason for that.”

David E Petzal

Well it must have been a while back the The Gun Nut wrote that, because you aren't going to see a lot of 'high end' for a thousand bucks these days. This pair'll set you back £1500 which is the best part of $2500! Ouch.

Did I mention that they have a built in laser range finder!

I was mad about The Six Million Dollar Man as a lad and while lifting engine blocks with one hand and running a 60 mph are both cool, my favorite of his powers was where he'd 'close one eye to scope in on a target and be able to see how far away it was.

Obviously $5,997,500 is a lot of change but do they make the Der Der Deh noise or do you have to make that yourself?