Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Relationship Milestones: The Dutch Oven.

If you’ve held her head under the covers and farted, and she’s still there in the morning. She is officially your girlfriend.

Rogue's Hat

It’s a stunning summers morning. Three guys are fishing

Guy One:
“You have no idea what I had to promise the mrs to be here.
I’m painting BOTH the kids rooms next weekend.”

Guy Two:
“That’s nothing I’m weeding the garden, BEFORE I reorganise her mother’s garage”.

Guys One and Two:
“What did you have to promise”?

Guy Three:
“Suckers, I just set the alarm for 5am when it went off I gave her a nudge and asked her Frolicking or Fishing?
She said ‘Wear a hat it’s cold out there’”.

Heirloom quality hat £25. For the rakish angler
They do a whole range of different styles and some amazing boots

PS. The hat came with a great little pamphlet that said
"If you're attacked by a wild animal throw your hat on the ground. It wont save your life, but the person who finds it will thank you"