Monday, 29 November 2010

Unboxing: Agion Base Layer Review

I received an email the other day offering me the a free shirt and as buying stuff to review takes up a large part [a ‘large part’ called ‘all’] of the blog budget and I wear a shirt most days I of course accepted.

The company claims the shirt has innate odour reducing properties, not being currently engaged in any adventure sports, I tested it with a couple of days on a building site carrying sanitary ware and plasterboard (dry lining) up many many flights of stairs. Which amounts to the same thing. Just without the fresh air and photo opportunities.

Did it work?
I really don’t know for sure, but it probably smells less than a cotton shirt
Was it warm?
Yes it was. So much so that I’m wearing it as I write.
Would I buy one?
Only if was available without the hideous promotional message.
What would make buying one a no-brainer?
Being able to choose the hideous promotional message myself.

What can we learn from all this?
The slogans on outdoor-wear are crap.
The ‘add your own slogan’ companies don’t offer base-layer shirts.
SBW loves free stuff even more than he loves cheap stuff.

More soon
Your pal

PS the lovely Traci has just written in to ask me to tell you that the shirts are currently just to demonstrate the efficacy of the anti odour treatment and will soon be branded with the name of a well-know hunting apparel manufacturer. Go on Traci. Seeing as its you. Normally I'd just have laughed and moved on to the next email but as coincidence would have it - It actually works. Really I've been wearing it for days and it doesn't smell as bad as my other work clothes.