Sunday, 3 April 2011

Crap Outdoors Pt2

This is one of those ideas that seems to come around every few years;

'twas crap, 'tis crap, ever will it be crap.

Most disturbing is that this kind of product offers a false sense of preparedness to people who perhaps would be better advised not to stray too far from the car. If you bought it to keep dry sitting in the bleachers watching sports, yeah great idea, but then why the 'tent' bit? It doesn't look like a viable alternative to a proper jacket, a sleeping bag or a tent - which you could buy (not the best but you could) and have change from the $250. Crap.

This crap is everywhere, more soon
PS It seems I've been a little remiss: a measly thanks to Goofy Girl for sending me this video knowing I'd love it