Saturday, 23 July 2011

Field Sports In Scotland Pt.1

It's A Clue, Init

If yesterdays phone calls are to be believed this weeks posts will be from the highlands. I'm heading due north to Scotland on a secret mission which I'll tell you about later. The good news is there's not much to do, so I'm skiving off to meet Andy Richardson from Safari in Scotland for a Short Walk in the Highland Kush, some wild food, and if his nerves can take it, he's offered to give me a few pointers for my fly fishing.

Emergency services have been alerted, the Scottish parliament recalled from their summer break,  medical and legal professionals are standing by.

While we chat on the phone every so often we've never actually met. Andy's been a long time suporter and reader of the blog from back in the days when he used to blog for Sporting Shooter magazine's blog ring. As the name Safari in Scotland suggests he's Mr Fieldsports north of the border with access to over 1,000,000 acres of shooting land.  Andy is a a known killer with Gun, Rod and Rifle while I'm distinguished only by my ability to turn fly lines into birds nests, and as a known flincher with gun and rifle.

This is also a great chance to do some gear tests, make trout laugh, and catch a few breaths of the fresh stuff in the only really wild parts left on these islands.

Let the chaos commence adventure begin