Saturday, 9 April 2011

Unboxing: Sigg Flask Review

Trad Sigg on the left - New insulated Sigg on the right 
[but you've probably worked that out]

Despite my ambivalence about their durability, the iconic Sigg bottle has always been part of my kit - abet a severely dented part of my kit. I still store fuel in one that belonged to BoB that must be twenty years old but due to crumpling, I'd sworn I'd never buy another. Times change and now they've brought out a double walled stainless steel version I thought I'd revisit the brand. Nothing like being COB when afield [Coffee on board].

First impressions:
That same iconic shape
Quite heavy
Feels like it'll last a lot longer than the aluminium classics
Being stainless steel it might not take on the flavour of the last drink you had in it

I'll be revisiting this one in the next few weeks for a true test of the company's claim that it keeps drinks hot for two hours and cold for four. We'll see.

your pal