Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembrance Sunday

My fascination with WW2 continues, and particularly the Special Operations Executive, where remarkable people did remarkable things before slipping back into the anonymity of civilian life. Last year I told you about my heros Gabcik and Kubis, and the amazing story of their attempt to kill Reinhard Heydrich the wartime governor of what we now know as Czech (home to nymphs of several kinds).

This year its the turn of 'Fighting Jack Churchill' AKA 'Mad Jack Churchill'. My kind of army officer: mad as a box of frogs, bad-ass to the bone, and probably dangerous to know. Honor bound to get you into a shit-load of trouble, but just think of the storytelling afterwards!

Do I have your attention? Ok how about

He made the only confirmed kill with LONGBOW in WW2, yep, a LONGBOW!
Lead the charge by playing the bagpipes too. You can read the whole remarkable story HERE

Today, find the time to raise a glass to the memory of those who suffered so we dont have to, not just the dead but for the wounded who are still suffering, and when ever the opportunity presents itself, in whatever way you can, do something to ease their way.

“No Prince or Lord has tomb so proud / As he whose flag becomes his shroud.” Jack Churchill