Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Dog Blokes - The Dog Blogs

The Bambi Basher and I were standing in the woods the other day talking his new line of T shirts and about bloggers and their dogs when he asked me to recommend him some dog blogs, never one to turn up the chance to turn something I was going to do anyway into a blog post. Here's a covey flushed from the bloggersphere. Boom Boom.

Five scribes put this one together: I was going to post a snippet of my favorite post, but they're all good and many are exceptional - this is their raison d'etre. Better written than anything I could manage.

Why? Because too little upland writing and imagery, particularly in regard to the West, inspires us or seems to reflect our reality. We feel the need for fresh voices that articulate the experience as we know it – wild, elusive birds in massive country, imperfect dogs (and people), dirtbag camps, true field guns, trucks stuck in the mud and days spent putting miles on the boots with nothing to show for it. Is it possible to bring this whole upland thing down a notch and take it to a new level at the same time? We’re gonna try.

We like to get after it far from the beaten track whenever possible, though we’re not immune to a little luxury now and then, more than likely in the form of a good cigar and a flask of bourbon on the tailgate. Now temper this brew with a generous dose of dry irreverence and appreciation for the absurdity of our pursuit – an ingrained, hardwired obsession that truly haunts us, no less than our dogs, for half the year while we wait for opening day. You won’t find any “how-to” articles here, though you may find the occasional example of “how-not-to.” Besides, there are plenty of other places for that sort of information – some of it even useful, in our experience. We’re here to celebrate the “whys” and delve deep into the soul of this thing. So throw your gear and your dog in the back and let’s go. We’ll try to be back by dinner time…

On the Eastern seaboard: Uplandfeathers keeps up a steady commentary on
The adventures of Bella and Cooper our two German Shorthair Pointers, Unboxing posts on the latest upland hunting gear, Gun-owner rights (2 nd amendment), Conservation programs, habitat restoration efforts and the latest news from state and federal wildlife agencies
In Newfoundland Canada a chap called Dan [occasionally] writes
Out On The Rock a diary of hunting and travel with dogs in the pristine boreal wilderness.
No list of dog blogs could ever be complete without name checking Patrick Burns' The Terrierman's Daily Dose - literally one of the great finds of the bloggersphere, really sharp investigative skills, insightful local, national and international political commentary, really sharp writing, my favorite PETA basher, and razor sharp wit are delivered daily. Gawg-nabbit how's he find the time to do anything else?
Last but not least: one of the good guys, miserableist, punk rock aficionado, 6.5x55 evangelist, DIY fishing tackle guru, bibliophile, storm chaser, bait caster, bird hunter, regular commenter on this blog, dog bloke, and renaissance redneck Chad Love. Writes The Mallard Of Discontent

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PS all pix credited to the blogs they're from - Bambi Basher and The Tea Lady will have the T Shirt soon.