Friday, 15 April 2011

Kifaru Regulator Sleeping Bag Guest Review

Well folks something special for you this time. Very Special.

Long-time commenter Goofy Girl has taken a break from organising play-dates and tidying her house to put together this review of the Kifaru Regulator Sleeping Bag which is wending it's way towards me. She said she was going to do a guest review  - you've got to hand it to her, this is probably the best sleeping bag review on the web.

More soon

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GoofyGirl said...

Just so it's said... I didn't even look at the website till AFTER I did the review. Now I'm kinda like "Ohhhh... that's what that is/does... okayyy." Either way, it was a totally bad ass sleeping bag, & my dear SBW... having me try it out was a HUGE mistake as now I really don't want to part with it. ;p
♥ GoofyGirl