Monday, 22 August 2011

Crap Outdoors Pt3

And here's what I didn't buy. This was on offer from a reputable provisioner! Shheeeesh fifty squid too. For Shame.


Unboxing: Kifaru Packlock Arctic Pants

Summer: Tis The Season To Be Buying Thermals

Following on from the last post, this is what i spent a little less than the $200 on

I am my father's son; what ever I do, how ever much I see myself as evolved through my own nurture, nature will out. Or as MOB (mother of bushwacker) says of my Dad "gods gift to anyone offering a bargain - whether he needs it or not". Putting Ma's cynicism to one side for a moment the summer is the best time to buy winter equipment. I am a very sad man so I have an ever growing pile of gear from high end small volume manufacturers, and because the kit isn't made by imprisoned democracy protesters it aint cheap. I can't afford to buy it new but I keep telling myself there's no saving in buying brand new crap that falls apart within a year, when for 10-20% more [ I tell myself again]  I can buy stuff my kids kids will be using as they forage the post apocalyptic wastelands for rats to eat.

With that I bring you this weeks, kit tart / gear whore-ism: Kifaru Packlock Pants

I've got the Arctic 27oz version with the 'optional' armour on the Knees and Seat

I could never have justified buying these at full price so it's nice to see first hand what the really high-end gear is like. In a word Awesome. For your eye-watering $452 + shipping +  import tax + VAT you get a pair of RhinoSkin trousers that are seriously stuffed with Climashield 6 Oz per sq yard insulation, and 500D cordura patches on the high wear areas. As usual with Kifaru there's the clever little design tweeks that make the difference. They sew a patch, inside and out, on to the back of the pants where the belt of your pack will sit that is - I don't know how to explain this - sort of adhesive without being sticky. Which is designed to reduce the effect of your pack moving about on the layers of your clothing. Feels like it'll work well. But obviously only a thorough field test will answer that. I've not managed to track down anyone with a sub zero meat locker yet so the field tests of these and my Kifaru Sleeping bag may have to wait until the weather gets a lot colder.

In the meantime, more of the usual nonsense, kit reviews, and tales between here and Elk hunter
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