Thursday, 22 March 2012

Weekend Reading: Welcome Shooter

Delighted to add a new voice to the blog roll, and following on from our meeting yesterday also award 'one of the good guys' status to 'Shooter' a most interesting new voice from the blogosphere.

Shooter hails from a long line of Indian shikar [hunters], with his grandfather being his main tutor and inspiration. He's only got a few posts up so far, but as you'll see he's getting into the swing of it and has an excellent turn of phrase down the pub, he's been collecting up his grandfathers hunting stories from the bygone days of Indian hunting so I'm expecting great things. We've made tentative plans to do some Rook shooting and tree rabbit hunting together in the next few weeks - more news as it comes in.

From the wit and wisdom of Shooter
"I dont play favorites: if it goes bang I love it"

"The .22 is a kitchen utensil, part of the process of getting food to your plate"

Posts I'm sure you'll like:
 Confessions of a Serial Killer is a distillation of several conversations where  he joins me in the ignominy of 'dinner party pariah' status. The Longest Noon where he hunts Chital deer in Australia and his epic adventure to hunt mountain lions in Utah - The Lion of Zion

Please leave comments on his blog, this guy has some great stories to tell, encourage him.

More soon
Your pal