Monday, 3 December 2007

Hmmm ‘Bushwacker'...........

I’ve been wearing some ‘city camo’ today in an attempt to pass myself off as one of the migrating herds of worker ants that make their way from the dormitory suburbs into the city each morning. I managed to escape the true horror of it all my riding in on my scooter instead of taking the train, but the city is a horrid experience. The whole self-perpetuating madness of it all really struck me, as I watched people try to alleviate the pain of the exercise by drinking £4 ($8!!) cups of frothy coffee which they will later pay to sweat off in the gym. Madness!!

I’ve worked with most of the guys I’ve joined before, so we spent a while chewing over the industry gossip and re-telling war stories for the benefit of the new guys. Well OK, we retold them for our own benefit and the new people got to listen.

On they way back home I reminded myself that I wasn’t immune to the insanity either, as I started to think of all the new stuff I would buy to convince myself that I really am an outdoorsman and hunter rather than another termite working to build the mound.

I owe I owe its off to work I go, I owe I owe it’s off to work I go……..