Saturday, 18 April 2009

Blogs & Blades 2

Black Rabbit has sent me this picture of the work in progress. I'm lovin' the Hunter blade shape and as you can see he's really got it. We toyed with keeping the rasps of the file but while they look way cool they're a bit of a rust trap, and if the blade were ever to be used for its intended use on an Elk hunt they'd me an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. So this time function will dictate form.
We been batting back and forth ideas about blade thickness; a Mora sometimes looks a little flimsy (proven not to be - but they're SO thin) and the Fallkniven F1 often seems like overkill with its 5 mm of super steel. Black Rabbit's going to work the blade so the spine will retain plenty of metal, while everything towards the cutting edge will be thinned to give the blade a little of the Mora's finesse.

Once again massive thanks Black Rabbit 

Your pal
The bushwacker