Friday, 6 May 2011

Weekend Reading: New UK Blogs

I've been meaning to update the blog roll for a while now, but time and tide haven't deigned to coincide, so in the meantime I thought you might be interested in these blogs, linked by the simple fact of being UK based. Some mentioned before, some I'm glued to either way worth a read

First up, bit transatlantic this one (and all the more interesting for it)
Milkweed and Teasel an American from a liberal New England college town who ended up in Old England 15 years ago. My day to day life is like something out of the 19th century, working for nobility and living on an estate (as seen in period films). I was the head gardener when I met my husband, the head gamekeeper on a neighbouring estate, a few years ago. Between us we hunt, shoot, fish and grow lots of our own food and supplies. We have the best and worst of both worlds - the present and the 'peasant'. This is a story of our successes and failures as we try to get the balance right.
Another Shout for Artemis and his blog, I know a few of you have been to check him out already- well worth a read. Hunter's Harvest I am 34 years old and I love the countryside, I have been shooting since I was big enough to tag along with my dad

McShug who I stalked with on the East Sussex Safari with The Bambi Basher has started a blog, he's still introducing himself and the cast and crew at the moment, but he's going to post lots of his amazing wildlife photography from a trip to India any day now and they're stunning - definitely worth adding to your RSS feeds McShugs Life
The fascinating Working For Grouse Making the most of advice from professionals, friends, books and the internet, I have thrown myself into the task of converting 1,600 acres of desolate sheep farm into a shooting paradise; a place where respectable bags of snipe, woodcock and red grouse can be summoned with a simple click of the fingers; a place where roe deer in graceful abundance can be taken for the pot at a moment’s notice; a place where declining black grouse numbers can be developed to provide a shootable surplus, and where groundnesting birds infest the peaty tussocks of heather and bracken.

For foraging and bushcrafty stuff Paul Kirtley's blog is very good
A professional Bushcraft instructor. I studied under the guidance of Ray Mears, the world-renowned Bushcraft and Survival expert, for 10 years. I worked for Ray from 2003 to 2010. I now split my time between bushcraft instruction, writing this bushcraft blog, and having my own adventures.

More of my own stuff to come
Your pal