Friday, 16 March 2012

Bushcraft Weather Prediction Pt.1

Frogs Pr0n init!

In a suburban garden the rite of spring has sprung once again, and I'm reminded of Andy Richardson's observation that the frogs know just how much rain to expect and lay accordingly. When I was with Andy during the summer he did have an uncanny ability to tell what the weather was about to do, so I'm a big believer in his old wives tales. Science usually catches up with old wives tales, after denying them for a few years, so I suspect the Meteorological Office actually just has a frog pond out the back, and all the 'computers' are just cereal boxes and fairy lights.
These frogs seem to agree with Thames Water and the Met Office; we're looking at a drought. In wet summers gone by I've seen about ten times the amount they've laid this year.

Bodes for a dismal Trout season. I wonder where my sea fishing rigs are?

More soon