Sunday, 1 November 2009

Travails with Laptop Rod and Rifle

Picture the scene: it's sunday afternoon in the 'burbs.
We're supposed to be working on a homework assignment for Bushwacker jnr. We're actually building a model car

Bushwacker jnr.
"Look dad I've got a model of you to go in the truck, like you're going on the Mongolian Rally. I've even got a dog for you"

"Do I get a fly rod, a rifle and a laptop?
You know me - Travels with laptop, rod, and rifle"

Bushwacker jnr.
" Well it's more 'with laptop' isn't it dad"

You mock me, my friends mock me, the kids mock me,

Bah! Bah! and BAH! again

Such is suburban life

Your pal