Friday, 1 July 2011

Mini Mauser CZ527 Carbine

From yesterdays unusual and big ticket air rifle a here's something a little more commonplace an a lot more affordable. The CZ 527 carbine. I know a couple of Stalkers who have these chambered in 7.62 x 39mm (AK47 fodder) but uploaded to make 1700 foot pounds of muzzle energy with a 125 grain sierra game king soft points, making them deer legal in the UK. While yesterday's double barrled air rifle maybe almost one of a kind. This is a sweet little truck gun. Not too expensive to buy and cheap to keep, when you consider the price difference between this and the double air rifle it'd take a while to shoot your way through the price difference even at air rifle pellet prices.

True micro length action - the Kate Moss of rifles for shooting the Kate Moss of deer.
Controlled round feed - nice to have, this is hardly a dangerous game rifle though
Hammer forged barrel - so buy a better one when you've worn this one out, or re barrel it to a round in the 6.5mm class. Sweet!
Single set trigger - two settings; fine and scary very scary.
5.9 Lbs (without a scope) - so it's light enough to tote around.
Drop box - AKA detachable magazine.
Walnut stock - I'm not a massive fan of the stock, but at least it's not made of Beech

Sweeeeeeet Mini-Mauser Action, dude.

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