Monday, 2 May 2011

One In And One Out

The ethics of the hunt have been in my thoughts this weekend. One young man had to be deleted from the blog roll after reporting that he and a friend had caught a very impressive Trout which they'd then nailed to a fence post and used as a target. My blog my rules, do one.

An interesting  conversation about the perception of hunters and hunting broke out over at Tovar's And in an unprecedented move I've added a blog with ONLY ONE POST to the blog roll, I've not added people with less than ten posts before, so this really is an unprecedented move, Artemis kicks off with a really good post about a deer management stalk where he ends up taking the pictured 'antlered doe' interesting stuff and well written too, it really does look like his blog Hunters Harvest will be that good. Stop by, say hi and encourage him to tell us another one

More soon
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