Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Guest Video, Beaver And Forrest Gold

Got a request from a chap who's started a video blog the other day, and as I'm always keen to promote new voices in outdoor writing, and he has to be one of the most enthusiastic voices in outdoor broadcasting [or any other kind] I've heard in a while, so without further ado I bring you Stuart McGehee of and his Beaver hunting adventures. O-err-mrs.

I've been planning to do a little Beaver Hunting myself (that title has 'traffic spike' written all over it doesn't it) I'm going to do it with a bow though, and while I'd love to visit Stuart's  home town of Memphis 'the city with a soul' Tennessee.  I'm actually planning to explore a little of Finland (europe's Alaska) with another blogger, where we'll eat bow-hunted Beaver and hopefully pan for gold in what remains of the pristine Boreal wilderness.

Finland is is Europe's most heavily-forested country with 23 million hectares or 74.2% forestry which is over sixteen times more forest per capita than in other European countries or to put it another way nearly 2 Bilion cubic meters of timber or enough wood to build a 10m X 5m fence around the globe. Should you want to.

The streams of Northern Finland are protected from industrialised gold mining, but totally open to the amateur adventurer in search of a a few souvenir chips or the eternal optimist in search of a 380.9+ gram nugget to break the previous record (just over $19,000 today). Then again if you're not the kind of person who thinks squatting in iced water, while being eaten alive by flying beasties is a fun way to spend a week or so you can stay home and I'll go for you. Any misfortunes will be shared dear reader, but any gold will be kept [or more likely cashed in to buy more kit].

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