Thursday, 2 May 2013

Tapas In Valencia: Tasca Angel

Sea Snails con Nails
I've not been posting much lately as other projects have been getting in the way, one of them had me visiting Valencia with Elfa.  

We stayed with Mr & Mrs Spainglish a couple Elfa is friends with, "You're going to love them, they are like you about foodieness, just not fat. Like you"

Mrs Spainglish (the English half), who has lived in the city for about thirteen years, warmly recommends Tasca Angel for authentic tapa, and it didn't disappoint. Obviously we ate all the weird things on the menu, Eels: good but a bit expensive, Brains: the best I've ever had, likewise the Sardines, and the Snails con Nails were amazing, but they sell less carpetovetónica food too. It's only about five minutes walk from the Mercado Central, which if you're not visiting you may as well not bother going to Valencia. 

Carrer de la Puríssima, 1 46001 Valencia València, Spain‎ +34 963 91 78 35

Your host, I wish I could tell you his taste in music was as good as his tapas.
If you like 80's power ballads with your tapas you're in luck!


Hunting Gazelle With A Cheatah

Not something you see every day