Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Suburban Bushwackers Bucket List

  1. Visit Martha's Vineyard  ;-)
  2. Bowhunt a suitably HOOJ Elk 
  3. Hike into in the last wilderness of these islands, high in the Scottish highlands for Ptarmigan
  4. Bushwhack a ghostly Roe in the southern woodlands of the UK - rather than the other way around.
  5. Hunt a white Fallow buck 
  6. Hunt a very big female bear in Canada, keep her skull on my desk, spread her pelt across the bed and make 'observances'.
  7. Hunt the fanged cuties known as Chinese Water Deer
  8. Participate in the Battue (without getting shot - important that bit)
  9. Fly fish and campfire cook a trout as long as my arm in NZ
  10. Successfully hunt Thar, Red Stag, and bad ass hog in NZ - its a long trip might as well make it the Kiwi Grand Slam
  11. Find and obtain permission for a good rabit ground less than one hour from the house. 
  12. Buy a stunning handmade recurve bow and get competant enough with it to hunt.
  13. Hunt Marco Polo sheep in Kazakhstan -
  14. Finish the Mongolian rally and Plumb-out a school in Mongolia - think of the bragging rights to this one!
  15. Catch a double figures Sea Bass off Hastings - with Johna there to watch
  16. DIY pheasant hunting in South Dakota 
  17. Visit all the coolest, wittiest bloggers I'm yet to meet in real life - you know who you are
  18. Be friends again with the Ex Mrs SBW - the kids like her, if I'm going to know her for the rest of my life we may as well get along.
  19. Actually finish some film scripts/novels/patent applications
  20. Prove to everyone, once and for all, that your dreams can come true.

Only one and twenty are in order.
Your pal
The Bushwacker