Friday, 10 September 2010

Foraging The Edible Highway

See it's spreading, I've been keeping these pears under observation for a while and was planning to go back with a ladder, but yesterday afternoon I saw these two 'highway harvesters'. Raiding what I'd come to think of as MY 'Conference' pears.

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I Know What I'll Do Next Summer

"......out here in the cheap showiness of nature." Rev Lovejoy

Ever since I saw Ray Mears go there on TV I've wanted to go to the legendarily beautiful Värmland region of Sweden. He called canoeing its lakes and hiking it's forests “close to a religious experience!”

I've also long wanted to go on the prestigious WEISS survival course which is held there, unfortunately I'm not the only one, so when I had the money all the places were booked up. Now Gary from Bearclaw Bushcraft who organises the UK contingent for the WEISS course, has teamed up with a local crew to offer a mix of guided and self guided trips. At merciful prices.

They do the whole mix: Bushcraft courses, Fishing trips, Canoe expeditions and Hunting. At this time Gary doesn't yet have all the details of how this winters hunts will be organised and the full details of the firearm permits for EU and non EU nationals, but cash permitting, I'll let you know before I leave!

 What is firmed up is next summers canoe trips:    

           14 days hire for $160.00 or €125.00

Tents (2-man)                          $64  or € 50
Waterproof pack/bag               $30 or  € 22
Pack Barrel 120 liters              $22 or € 17
Canoe cart                               $39 or € 31
Sleeping Bag incl. inner sheet $53 or € 41
Sleeping pad                            $14 or € 11
Triangia cook set                     $14 or € 11
Backpack                                $52 or € 40

If you're only able to go for a week your looking at about 60% of these costs.

You see - Just like Rev Lovejoy said 'the CHEAP showiness of nature'!

If you reckon you're going to make it get in touch as The Northern Monkey and myself are planning to go and we cordially invite you to drinks and a storytelling competition around the lakeside campfire one night.

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