Sunday, 22 July 2007

Hitch Yer Skateboard To The EcoTech Bandwagon

A while back The Northern Monkey and myself were in Venice beach CA for a few days, and were very impressed with some of the locals, and their commitment to finding new answers to old problems.

TNM is big into EcoTech and he pointed this store out to me, unfortunately it was shut when we passed by, so this isn't so much a review, as a pointer

“Bamboo is an amazingly renewable, environmentally friendly material. It’s incredibly strong; yet light, flexible, and resistant to compression. The natural bamboo deck-ply improved return and resilience, while adding a clean, Zen flavor.”

Arbor Sports also do a clothing line. I’m not sure if I’d endorse their fashion sense (“you know nothing about fashion” Mrs SBW) but their 70% bamboo 30% cotton blend is a great idea.