Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Bushwacker Had lost His Considering Hat

I'd been in morning for my lost hat, I'd hoped, I'd moped I'd even ordered another one. When Andy posted the good news on Facebook, 'Look what the dog dragged in!'

More soon


Exploriment said...

I went for a wander in the woods with my nephew last weekend to teach him some stuff about navigation and fire starting. Came home, couldn't find my Leatherman Wave, which while usually attached to something, because of gear shuffling, was just loose in its pouch, and put in my pack. The bottom zip on my pack had been open a ways for the first half hour of hiking. When I got home, no more LM Wave. Curse words were uttered. Got up at 05:00 and hauled ass back there. The chances of finding a small olive drab pouch back on a forest floor with a lot ground cover over a route I wasn't completely certain about, was slim to nil, but I had to try. No luck. More curse words. I know it's replaceable, but I haven't much money, and would rather spend it on something else. Curses!

This morning I found it in my bedroom behind a pack. I kissed it. I'm not ashamed to say that. I love my Leatherman Wave.

No worse feeling than losing something, and no better feeling than finding it back.

HuntingGamesFun said...

When I saw the hat, the first thing I though of was Indian Jones and how he always has to go back and grab his hat, even if it means putting his life in jeopardy. It's funny that in the end, the dog brought it back.

Phillip said...

It's of utmost important to have a proper considering hat, and to keep track of it at all costs. However, you must realize that a hat like this, particularly one that has developed personality of its own must, from time to time, go walkabout.

If it loves you, it will come back. If it doesn't, it will probably come back covered in unidentifiable, reeking substances that adhere to your hair and can only be removed with industrial strength solvents.

Glad it came back to you.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Sage words indeed, every hobby must begin with a special hat, and after a while as you so wisely mention hats do indeed develop personalities of their own.

More on this later

Pat, Marcus & Alexis said...

My hunting hat disappeared for every, a fine beaver felt reproduction of a M1911 campaign hat. The cord broke on the seat I had it fixed too as the dog and I were headed out, in our Jeep, with the top down, to go bird hunting.

I'd had it for years and it had become highly disheveled, but none the less. . .

And to top it off, the dog was bitten by a rattle snake during the same trip.