Sunday, 17 October 2010

Skull Pix 2

Just got back from a trip to the forest. Where I found this beauty.

Chances are you already know what it is. As usual, the challenge of being the first to comment with a correct identification wins FIVE SOLID GOLD BUSHWACKER POINTS.

Additional points may also be awarded for, style, scientific interest, flair, wit and misanthropy.

More of our adventure as and when I get the time to write them up

As ever
Your pal
The bushwacker


BeMistified said...

OMG Skulls totally rock!

I am guessing a Raccoon.

Perkunas said...

Im struggling between river(?) otter and striped skunk and as i dont know,since i havent held a skunk skull ever,since its not living here....Im guessing its river otters skull.

GoofyGirl said...

I'm thinking it's a badger. Which makes it totally bad ass. Yeah, that's my guess, a bad ass badger skull.
What do I win? Can I have a tooth to put on a necklace? I think it'd go over quite well at work....nothing says "I'm serious about my job" like badger teeth jewelry.

Kenna's Blog said...

I would say bear, probly black bear. Nice how you kept the one canine hidden.

murphyfish said...

Now then ya bugger, we’ve played this game before with a turtles head thy sneaky riddling mustela nivalis (no no no that’s not me guess) haven’t we? This time I’m telling ye them points are mine, all mine hah ha ha aha ha ha a ahaha ……
Oh you do require an answer, well then believing that your walk within the woods was at least in Europe and probably Britain then the range of skulls to find has been limited somewhat, unless some perverse skull depositor is throwing skulls willy-nilly from all corners of the globe around for you to find (despicable I know). So armed with my supreme perspective (and a very limited bit of wildlife knowledge) my firm and correct answer is…. Meles meles, the common badger although the old lad does seem a tad short of teeth. Life span 10 to 15 years (until proposed legislation is back handed in that is), interestingly classed as a carnivore but is a omnivore in it’s eating habits, nocturnal (unless flat on a road) strong animal, interlocking jaw (hence most skull finds still have jaw attached) with anal musk glands, shy but you really don’t want to get in a fist fight with him, Aha mine I tell you, mine…….
Very best regards,
God I hope I right after this spouting off, how embarrassing would that be

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Well guys that didn't take long did it?

BeMistified - only in wildlife parks and caged so they don't escape
Perkunas - No skunks here, and not an otter either
Goofy Girl - You would be right FIVE POINTS
Kenna - No bears here (more's the pity)
Murphy fish - Now that's more like it! FIVE POINTS for you too


Joe said...

That is a nice find. I was going with black bear to until I read you didn't have any. So a badger it is.

tony said...


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Go on then Tony have two points, for the silliest answer

Steve Bodio said...

Too late but I would have also voted badger, only because an English zoologist friend at Oxford gave me one when I was visiting him. Wonder if I could get it (or Mongolian fox and stoat skins, Zimbabwean beetles and rhino teeth, and worse) back into the US these days?

That said, my FIRST impression was black bear-- they're remarkably alike except for size. I have a winter- killed one I picked up in the New Mexico mountains-- perhaps should post all on my blog.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I'd love to see it, have you seen what Norcal's mom does with bear skulls?


Steve Bodio said...

Yes-- amazing!

Some New Mexican artists do interesting things with skulls, but I have to have a spare natural one-- and usually one more, to pay the artist-- before I commission them!

Will put some pix up o the blog soon.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Very much looking forward to seeing them pix. Regular reader Goofy Girl is obsessed with Mexican sugar skulls, I know she'll be interested too.


Steve Bodio said...

Post up here.

Anonymous said...

BADGER ! Almost sure !

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Florian Morel

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, yes it is a badger