Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

As you either already know, or may have guessed, I enjoy a wide and diverse group of friends many of who are now scattered to the far corners of the galaxy.

Back in the day, when I was young, thin, and good looking [I said it was a longtime ago]. I was the manager of an awesome punk band, the punk band weren't like anything heard before or since, their music had some seriously diverse influences, and the members of the band had some seriously diverse friends.

LSP (Lone Star Parson) is a case in point, we've recently gotten back in touch after many, many years and for both of us there have been a few changes; LSP now lives in Texas, caring for his parishioners and hunting Hawgs in an english accent.

'Large rifle is a .303 Lee Enfield, No1. Mk IV - joy to shoot, accurate, stable and powerful as you like. Ten round mag's a definite plus and iron sights give quick target acquisition in the brush. All that to say nothing of the crash and thunder of the thing. Cheap too. The parishioners like it - they appreciate a priest they can shoot with and talk church.'

We'll be hearing more from LSP

Your Pal 
The Bushwacker
PS The punk band's singer is now a regular on Dr Who!
PPS LSP now has a cool blog of his own


Anonymous said...

Time does have way of changing a lot of things.
It truly is funny to look back in time once in awhile.

tom said...

Both ministers at the church I go to, here in Texas, are semi-retired cowboys and hunt and shoot. Friends I usually sit with, one is the leading gunsmith in the big city nearish-by + wife.

More than once we've stood around after services discussing firearms and/or hunting. Ministers both mainly use .30-06s and gunsmith buddy is keen on .338s and .375s like I am.

If somebody's missing on any given Sunday of those three folk, they're out hunting either hogs or deer, season dependent. Friend's wife is always there unless she has a sick horse.

That's part of why I felt at home there the first time I went. Parable one of them told that I found useful that day was about a West Texas antelope hunt.

And they were all hell raiser honky-tonkers when they weren't working 20 years ago in their cowboy days...not unlike your punk rocker friend, perhaps.

We all pick guitars too and lead minister has a H&H .375 double too.

Good gang of folk.

LSP said...

Time does have a way of changing perspective, if only to bring us back to the important things and pleasures of early life. For me, a large part of that was shooting and marksmanship - is that still allowed in England?

Well, moving back to Texas and rural ministry after ten years of working in the East Coast ghetto brought it all back.

It's a grand thing to get out in the country under a big sky and be with people who're grounded in the realities of life. Some of that's being prepared to kill what you want to eat - thank you SBW - part of its the enjoyment of a shot well aimed and fired. Then again there's the freedom of it all; powerful medicine for mind and soul.

So I guess my vote's in for Texas; been a blessing for me!

LSP said...

Viz. Enfield - No.4 Mk1

So I guess I'm turning into some kind of, er, Enfield geek...