Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Swagmas Pt2 - Sheepishness From NewZealand

Well played MoB (mother of Bushwacker). Bad form BoB (brother of Bushwacker).

Just when I'd said BoB would never let you down, this happened, or rather didn't happen. 
Bad BoB.

MoB, fearing that it would be cold up north (a fear that has proved well founded) ordered me a
Phoenix Zip Thru by Icebreaker of New Zealand in early December. Think of an old school 70's tracksuit top in Wool. Merino Wool.

Being a practical person by nature, MoB thought it could travel economy in combined shipping. Being nearly crimbo and expecting/hoping for a gift from her far-flung son, she had it delivered to BoBs house on New Zealand's south island, where it stayed. Bad BoB

Finally BoB has gotten his butt in gear and shipped it - half a world in seven days - BoBs sofa to the post office took nearly seven weeks. Baad BoB.

In October 2008, Icebreaker launched its pioneering traceability program in Europe called "Baacode." The system enables customers to follow their garments through every step of the production process, beginning on the New Zealand South Island sheep stations where the merino is grown and extending throughout its entire supply chain. Icebreaker is one of less than a handful of consumer companies now offering product traceability.



R. Gabe Davis said...

could turn that story into a Mr. Bean episode. Mr. Bean would be BOB of course and we would find out all that happened to slow its delivery

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Its summer where he is, so he packed his wife and baby into his wagon and headed for the hills. While BoB is a more kick-ass outdoorsman than anyone else I know (he led an unsupported expedition to climb some big peaks in Patagonia and brought everyone back unscathed) he is also a disgrace to the family, Patagonia! where the big ones swim!! But he didn't take a rod with him!!! Some people!!!!