Friday, 26 September 2008

Horse Drawn Blogging

I know a few of you read James' blog, but for those of you how haven't been reading it lately or are living under a stone it's well worth a visit. Due to his coverage of what are known here as 'country pursuits' he comes into contact with all kinds of colourful characters who most of the year shun political correctness and the modern world, choosing instead to base themselves beyond the reach of 'health and safety'. Only breaking cover to attend rural pow-wows such as horse fairs, game fairs and county shows. The kind of places where Ferrets are 'legged', food has taste and texture, and you can buy everything from home made jam to 8 bore wildfowling guns. They're great!

The reason I mention all this is to set the scene for a blogger James has just introduced.
Simon Mulholland writes Saddle chariot, a blog about horses, buggys that you tow from horses, his run-ins with the establishment and cooking meat.

His advice is forthright and he has a great turn of phrase.

"When I used to cook Venison and Wild Boar round the County Show circuit, I was always being asked how to cook Game. "Count the legs!" I used to say. "Then think of something you can already cook with approximately the same number of legs, and do the same thing.""

Horses, the Saddle Chariot and the elite horse breeding establishment
Some of the more perceptive may have picked up a hint of frustation with the British Horse Establishment. My opinion hasn't changed. If they were horses, I would say they must have been cruelly mistreated as youngsters, because no horse is naturally devious, vicious or deceitful. And no horse is naturally snobbish, racist or in favour of incest, all characteristics that appear throughout the British Horse establishment.

Could he be the new Albert Rasch?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, this sounds like a blog I should read. I'll have to stop by. Thanks for pointing it out.

deerslayer said...

Great article and I really liked the humor in it. Now I'll have to follow up on my reading.

Anonymous said...

he he his characters are well suited for comedy.

Staying Alive said...

It might be time to stop playing and get busy prepping for the coming hard times. Just a thought.


Unknown said...

MeadowLark pointed me here. I WANT a saddlechariot! I have a beautiful Gypsy Cob (Gypsy Vanner), who gets offers every time I take her out. The horsey folk by me are farmers & publicans, not the british gentry who look down their noses at such beasts. Rawnie Spangle made her move to Ireland with race horses ~ I don't drive, so had to find a way of bringing her over. The stables that brought her over were impressed with my friendly, quiet, heavy beast ~ so different from the horsey set in Somerset. My rigs are still in the UK (Vardo & trotting cart ~ NOT sulky, sulkies terrify me) but this chariot looks so ideal for my life here & with it being designed by a self-confessed coward, appeals to my fear of me being in control of speed which has been with me since an RTA (I was in a bike side car NOT driving) left me hemi-plegic. 1 thing that I noticed with the saddlechariot is that I could easily carry it in/on the Vardo & have transport when we lay up for the night or if we stop in a place for any length of time: Annon could have her bike & me the saddlechariot. Time to start saving madly, especially as my only means to town for shopping is under threat ~ 1 bus a week & they want it cut to save money...

I have "ferts" too & hunting doggies, though they tend to confine themselves to shoshies & peasants. My Beddy has a nasty habit of catching the easier targets of my hennies though. I don't work my dogs as I have a land meat intolerance & couldn't eat their kills, but they love the fresh meat (& the chase).