Wednesday, 6 April 2011

You know that 'next blog' button?

You know that 'next blog' button? Well for the first time ever it just pointed me to a blog that was both of interest to me, and in a language I can read. I have read both the blog and the post before, but it's a start.

Four Seasons Of Bird Hunting is good too, this post Uncle Larry's Model 99 features a Firearm of Interest - that I'm guessing is pretty rare as it's the work of one 'smith. A Model 99 that's been re-barrelled to fire a.270 sitting in a .300 Savage case AKA the '.270 Titus'.

Putting riflery to one side - it's a great short-story featuring: the rifle, a mule deer, the author's dad, an uncle Larry and some very unobservant passers-by.

Coming to think about it all short-stories should have an Uncle Larry. Well worth a read.

More soon


Chad Love said...

I actually hunted with him once this year, along with Scampwalker from Eight More Miles.

Cool guy, and he has a nice-looking setter. Now that you've slain/slewn/slayed/bagged your Grendel-deer, you should come over next year and try bird hunting, you might like it...

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I'm still on my way - when can we expect you? Our endless interlocking deer seasons mean you can come anytime.

PS Lilly Allen has been asking after you - what should I tell her?