Monday, 19 April 2010

Vintage Firearms - The Rigby .275

As I started telling you in the last post I met up with another blogger last weekend: Bambi Basher is a massive military history and firearms buff who I'll be taking my deer management cert. with. He's recently become the latest delighted owner of a rifle made by Rigby of (first Dublin and then) London. I think of myself as the kind of bushwacker who likes his tools to be tools, but made in the 20s or 30s this one is pre Carbon and Fiberglas, so it's stocked in Walnut, and I was surprised how taken with it I was. Svelte in the hand, and older than both of us put together it's obviously been cared for, but bears the marks, scratches, and dings of many adventures. It's chambered in .275 Rigby (7x57mm Mauser) which many of the internets gun nuts seem to regard as a wonder hunting round having a slight edge over the more common .270. Here's a video from last weekend - much more to tell you about my weekend with the him but that'll have to wait.


Ken and Joanne said...

Nice rifle. Norcalcazadora's dad had a Krag that I got to shoot. We had a ranch (zoned for a minimum 20-acre lot). We had forty acres and a convenient hill to fire rounds into to the west of the house. I let off a couple of rounds from that Krag (I could have drilled a tunnel with it) and got phone calls from all over the valley. And this was in a marijuana growing neighborhood where everybody minded their own business. Ken

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


As ever you tell them so vividly

Chad Love said...

Love the 7x57. One of my life's regrets is missing out on a cherry Model 70 (a post-64 USRA XTR, but still a very nice gun) 7x57 a few years back. Sold out from under me...

I really have no need for a 7x57 with my 6.5s, but who said need ever entered into the decision-making process? If I ever find a nice one I'll snap it up.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Am I psychic or are you just predictable?

Michael Spinelli said...


What more can be said of a Rigby? Everything else would be superlative...


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Indeed, and thanks for the mention

Bambibasher said...

Sadly the Rigby in the clip is being sold this week, nice as it is I am in the business of selling Rifles. I already have its replacement in the cabinet unless of course that gets sold too!