Sunday, 14 October 2007

Blog Roll – Oct 07

The start of my archery classes has been postponed for a week so I thought that as my blog roll has been expanding recently I’d do a round up of who has been added, and why they deserve a read.

Living Primitively
If you’ve every thought about putting your bushcraft and hunting skills to the test Torjus’s site is a must. He’s living in the back country hunting and fishing for food and doing some cool projects.

Jeremiah Quinn - The Fly Guy On The Fly

As recommended by the UrbanFlyFisher a nice site with some cool pix. he describes himself 'Writer, director, washed up boxer and incompetent, but passionate fly fisherman'.
I’m a big fan of urban fishing and fly fishing will be next on the bushwackers learning agenda after archery.

Decado's Bushcraft

A relatively new blog with a bushcraft-meets-ultra light hiking theme (so far).
Best of all he said nice things about me, making him one of the good guys!

Jon’s bushcraft site
Jon’s site has the best tutorials of any of the bushcraft sites I’ve seen.
A very good artisan, and by the looks of things a very good explainer too.

Wayland the professional Viking of Raven Lore
His cooking stove has cult following on some bushcraft sites, you can see why.
Great photography and some serious craft skills.
Wayland makes a living being a Viking! Well played Wayland!


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