Friday, 20 July 2007

Keeping The Dream Alive - Get Reel (From Japan)

Sitting at my desk dreaming of the next time I’ll light a little fire for a brew and sit by the estuary, watching a cork float pull out into the current, carrying it’s cargo of Ragworms out to the fish. Or when time and tide permit; making the steep walk through the park, and down to Fairlight. Where I can offer a splashing, spitting YoZuri topwater lure to the Sea Bass as they patrol the weed-strewn rocks.

In the meantime I, like suburban fisherman the world over, have to settle for the sad truth.
I don’t so much go fishing, as collect fishing equipment.
And it’s justified. Really it is.

Repeat after me
‘Quality will be remembered long after price has been forgotten”

For small baits (5-20 grams) the Biomaster C3000

5.0 gear ratio
4.0kg drag
245g weight
Mono - 0.330mm-115m
Braid #2.0-180m
70.7 cm or 5/1 retrieve
19,000 yen
Double handle Option 3,150 yen
Spare spool 2,940 yen
All in £106.73 or $218.65

Repeat after me
“The Pain Of Equipment Failure Lasts Longer Than The Thrill Of A Bargain”

For bigger baits (20-50 grams) Biomaster 6000

4.6 gear ratio
4.5kg drag
365g weight
Mono - 0.330mm-240m
Braid - #3.0-280m
76.6cm/ retrieve 5/1
spare spool 3,675yen
All in £104.92 or $214.94

Repeat after me
‘Quality Will Be Remembered Long After Price Has Been Forgotten”

Japanese fishing kit from Plat:
Amazing Kit! Clunky website, Good prices, Rapid shipping

Keep your dreams alive and your lines tight

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