Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shit My Dad Says - About Bushcraft and Car Camping

The Maine Outdoorsman's recent post Car Camping For Dummies  reminded me of this gentle piece of advice from one of my favourite outdoor writers:

“Leave the real wilderness out of account for the present; go to some pleasant woodland, within hail of civilization, and start an experimental camp, spending a good part of your time in learning how to wield an axe, how to build proper fires, how to cook good meals out of doors, and so forth. Be sure to get the privilege beforehand of cutting what wood you will need. It is worth paying some wood-geld that you may learn how to fell and hew. Here, with fair fishing and some small game hunting, you can have a jolly good time, and will be fitted for something more ambitious the next season.”

Which in turn reminded me of the forthright nature of the advice and commentary offered by Sam Halpern (Justin's dad) in the hilarious record of the trials and tribulations of child-parent relations 'Shit My Dad Says'

"I’m not sure you can call that roughing it, son… Well, for one, there was a fucking minivan parked forty feet from your sleeping bags.”

Sam Halpern is, without doubt, the least passive aggressive person in the world, and that makes him a great dad in my book.


PS Am I the only one having endless formatting errors in the new blogger layouts?


Hippo said...

Cruised over to Shit My Dad Says and had a good laugh. Got me thinking about the things my dad said when he was cursing me so I put some of them up on my blog. I am sure I will remember more but here is one that cracked me up when he said it...

I asked you for a fucking ring spanner not an open ended you dozy bastard, don’t you know the difference?

No dad.

Well stick your finger up your arse. That’s a ring. Then stick it in your ear, that’s open ended.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


There are of course three ages of man:

1. My dad's better than your dad
2. Dad you're full of shit
And the final phase
3. As my old dad used to say....

We're all somewhere on that continuum


Hippo said...

Looks like I've hit stage three...

My dad, if he was still alive, would say, of course: 'As my Dad used to say?? Bloody typical, not an original thought in your head!'

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

lol harsh but hilarious