Wednesday, 21 July 2010

City Boy Goes Deer Stalking In Scotland

'If you burst into tears I'll know you're not feeling up for it'  Niall - head Stalker

A life long supermarket carnivore heads north to stalk red deer on the west coast of Scotland. He wonders if he can survive, if the locals will eat him and if he'll be able to pull the trigger. During the trip London Media-Boy hunts woodcock, takes an unexpected dip in a burn and looks into his own conflicted feelings about killing his dinner.  Plenty of misconceptions,  some guts and gore, and the locals persuade him to read a Burns poem - in an english accent. Cringe.

Worth a look


No One You Know said...

I am now currently digesting the fact that there was absolutely NOTHING in that wee video that didn't appeal to me. Alas, the closest I would get to hunting anything currently is when I brave the local grocery store to find sale items and organic produce while managing to make it through the throngs of tourists here that, oddly enough, deserve to be shot (with little exception).

NorCal Cazadora said...

Worth a look indeed! That was so rigorously honest it was beautiful. (Oh yeah, seeing the baby was a bit tough.) You folks have a way with honesty that I truly admire.

Question: Do you think the tear in his eye before he shot just the cold wind, or a real tear?

And finally: That program was the first thing that gave me the strong urge to try to hunt in the UK. I'm guessing I can't afford it. And when I kill something, I want to eat it myself, not ship it off to market. But that looked awesome, particularly compared with all the driven bird hunts I hear about, which appeal to me not a whit.

Thanks for the pointer to something I'd've never seen otherwise.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Glad you liked it, I try to find the hunting videos that are a little different from the 'high fivein' yahoos' as I don't think SBW is really for mouth breathers. Written by an idiot, but not read by them.

The driven shooting that the UK is so famous for is actually not a very big percentage of the shooting done in the uk.

I think is was a tear - his bravado was paper thin, which is no bad thing, I liked his runaway enthusiasm, and honesty.

On a professional note: Your students could do worse than read VICE magazine and watch some of the other documentaries - the writers are all very young and while a lot of it is puerile the good bits are very very good. Worth a mention is the piece in africa which was up for a webby award at the same time as Hank.


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Be about the same price as flying to Scotland for a trophy stag too!
I know the grocery store you mean, i shopped there once, still hoping I'll get by with only one kidney!
PS I understand that if you were to shoot a large beast you'd have adequate cold storage space