Saturday, 29 September 2007

Is That A Survival Kit In Your Pocket?

Viridari was kind enough to post a comment on my last post so i visited his site
where i saw this - great isn't it!

Reading a few of his other posts i found out about the Every Day Carry Forum.
A site where guys boast about who has the smallest......
Not something you hear everyday!

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viridari said...

Thanks for stopping by.

EDCforums is great for every day carry gear like bags, flashlights, knives, etc.

Somewhat related, Near Death Experiments gets into EDC a little bit but more into bushcraft and wilderness survival. Survival Bill's forum has a more exhaustive array of bushcraft and survival topics that sometimes perhaps delve more into SHTF and PAW subject matter but also covers conventional bushcraft.

Also I'm starting to get a better sense of where my own blog is heading. My EDC bag dump blog entry was exponentially more popular than anything that came before it, so that's telling me what people want to see and my blog will be heading in that direction.

I've been following your blog via your RSS feed for about a week or two so I should be a more regular fixture here. ;-) I need to update the links on my blog to include yours and some other cool blogs I've found lately.