Friday, 7 December 2012

Piers Morgan: 2nd Amendment Scholar

Sorry guys but a deal's a deal: You bought him, you're keeping him.
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LSP said...

No, no, no, no, no. Piers is going home. We're taking Kate.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Its a bit of a double bind:
All sales are final, but at the same time we do have a video of him admitting a criminal offence, phone tapping.

Hard to know what to do really

LSP said...

Hmmmm. Tricky.

But here's a possible solution. We extradite him so he can be prosecuted for his obvious criminality.

You then sentence him to exile. To one of Great Britain's deserted island colonies. Like Gough, or wherever, as long as no-one lives there.

Sorted. Public enemy removed.

Smithhammer said...

The 2nd Amendment was NOT merely devised with muskets in mind (and to say so is to trivialize the mental capacity and forethought of our brilliant Founders). The 2nd Amendment was purpose-built, with long-term vision. To fail to see that is a failure of vision on the part of the commenter, not the architects of the Constitution.

However, the beauty of a free country is that no one is questioning Piers Morgan's apparent choice to be a passive, defenseless victim.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


"To fail to see that is a failure of vision on the part of the commenter, "

Surely you're not suggesting the esteemed Mr Morgan is anything less than a true scholar? LOL


LSP said...

Not so fast, Bushwhacker. I see where you're heading with this.

Piers Morgan. Constitutional Scholar. Great Mind. Appointment to the Supreme Court.

No, my friend.

He's heading home.

Shooter said...

Smithhammer, forgive this guy, he comes from a country which has o oncept of constitution, freedom, right to life, right to defend life, need I go on?

He also uses words like "high power handguns".

Does he realise a muzzle loader rifle can do 1700 ft. lbs of energy. compared to ~1250 of AR15 and 1500 of AK-47

Phillip said...

Besides the obvious, myopic stupidity of Morgan's statement, the final comment from Ms.Roth was delightful. Nice!

Umesh said...

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...


LOL as I'm told they say in your neck of the woods 'she done got him good'


John Potter said...

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Anonymous said...

Well, if'n we cain't sind him back, how's about usin' one a them thar muskets on him he's talkin' about? Since it's constitooshunnal and all, that should be okay, right? Lot's a fellers still likes shootin' black powder 'round war I lives...L.B.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


I would pay good money to watch PM hunted with, well pretty much anything you care to name really, he's always loved being on TV so perhaps could be described as 'game'.

Happy new year